Randomchat.com - Random Webcam Chat Online

While many of us have already given a shot to many online chat platforms, new ones keep emerging with new features and different approaches. Some chat rooms only allow texting, others give you the option of turning on your camera or joining a group chat in various chat rooms. Today we present Randomchat.com, a new and exciting online meeting place.

Why Use Random Chat?

While it may look very much like many other sites at first glance, RandomChat is actually quite a bit more advanced than most other online chat rooms. For starters, the website uses the HTML5 technology, which enables smooth transitioning and perfect experience no matter how many users are online and how fast you choose to go through chat partners.

The website attracts girls and boys from around the world to meet and chat online, on camera, face to face. While nudity is not strictly forbidden by the site, and as a consenting adult you may do whatever you wish on camera, RandomChat encourage meeting and chatting about common interests and other topics before engaging in any intimate relations.

The platform currently has thousands of active users at any moment, and it should not be hard for you to find your perfect match for any type of chat you are interested in. Feel free to experiment, try to set up a setting that will capture the attention of potential chat partners and make them laugh and you will keep them chatting to you for a long time.


RandomChat includes the fastest and highest quality video chat on the Internet. You will be able to smoothly transition through hundreds of online users, seeing their faces and hearing their voices in a matter of seconds. A text chat box is of course also present in case you are not comfortable using your microphone.

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Unlike many other platforms, this website can be used on your smartphone without downloading any applications. You can simply access the website from your phone and start chatting to people right away.

RandomChat is absolutely free to use. Any adult may access the site and start using it right away. As long as you comply with the terms of use you will be fine. Be warned, this site is not for children and if you are under the age of 18 you should not use this website.


With so many online chat platforms out there, it can be hard to pick the right one. RandomChat is a fast and powerful platform that will not give you headaches of technical natures and will allow you to express yourself in any way you choose. As long as you are not on there to abuse people you will not be banned, ever.

Their customer base seems to be quite extensive and there are always tons of people to chat to. If you are on the lookout for a new Webcam chat site, RandomChat is certainly the right place to look.
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How to Use College Student Chat on Omegle without edu Email

College Student Chat (Dorm Chat) is one of the most crucial sections of Omegle. The platform is excellent to talk with University and college girls and boys over the globe. However, to enjoy with someone you must have college mail id ending in .edu or .ed
u.XX or .ac.XX to verify you are in college or university. Without having education mail you can have the access for it as well!

Going through some of the really easy steps you can initiate chat process with many college or University level girls and guys. The best part about the process is that you really don't need to spend any single amount for the purpose.

College Student Chat on Omegle without edu Email
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It works pretty much in a similar fashion like other services of the site. In addition, there is option available for going with chats through videos or texts.

Steps for having College student Chat without the Edu Mail
  • As we have mentioned above it is not necessarily required to be a student, or to pay any amount. Just take the help of Google search for the purpose.
  • Have a search in Google for BCC Student Email Account Registration.
  • Pick the address that you find at the top of the line-up in Google search and click on it.
  • Have a click over the Register link option.
  • Provide username, password, and finally put the exact Spam preventive code.
  • It offers you with an Edu mail.
  • There is no additional hectic process of account sms verification or mail verification.
Additional Method: Apart from the above method, California Colleges are also providing similar mails for you. You can have an account from here as well. Go through the steps to make it happen.

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  • Go for a search in Google for California colleges.
  • Click the option that appears first.
  • Click the create account option.
  • After choosing the one that matches your choice click the 'Find' option and pick any one option.
  • Now click the 'Next' option, and provide required detail.
  • Find the check box that asks confirmation from you about not having your own mail. Just agree with the terms for making your account.
Hence, you are all set to enter the site with new mail. Start through the main page of Omegle by providing the new mail address to Dorm college Chat, and have a blast with the college girls from the site.
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Chatous - Free Random chat app

Chatous is yet another new random chat service with people from the world. It has very attractive layout and interface. Its  unique features make it more interesting than other online chatting websites available on internet. The website works smoothly on computer as well as smart phones or iphone users.

Another cool thing about the website is that you need not face long registration form. You can create account in seconds for free. When someone enters the room, it randomly selects the users from your location and let you have random chat with strangers.

Follow below steps to enter the chat rooms:
  • Type address chatous.com in web browser and hit the enter button.
  • Click the button "start chatting now".
  • Now enter user names, age and gender to create chat profile. Don't worry you can edit profile easily.
  • To start chat, click the "join random chat" button. Now you will be connected with random strangers probably from your area.
chatous random chat appFeatures:
  • You can end chat, report user and add friends.
  • You can use trending hash tags to find cool friends.
  • You can upload and send pictures on chat room.
  • You can video call to any user in chat.
Chatous android app:

Free Chatous app is available for free download at Google play store for android and iPhone users.

In short, Chatous is an all in one chatting app where you can do text chat, video call, upload photos and create own social like profile. You should give a try to this website once.
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Omegle Australia: Chat with Australian Girls & Guys

Omegle Australia is an online chatting service for meeting new friends from Australia. The website picks online user randomly and let you have a text as well video chat with each other. The website provides completely anonymous service.

I want to suggest you that never disclose any type of personal information with stranger. Like official omegle website, Omegle Australia allows both text and video chat with strangers online.

How to Start Text chat or video chat?

1. Type the URL "australia.youromegle.com" in address bar of your web browser.
Omegle Australia chat

2. Now click the "Go to The Chat" button for text chat and click "go to video chat" for online video chatting. Now chat room will appear in pop up. If it doesn't appearing, make setting in browser to appear pop ups.

3. Omgle like chat room will appear in pop up. Now click the  blue "start a chat" button to get connected with random strangers.

4. To connect with another stranger, simply press "disconnect" button and start new conversation.

So these are basic functions of omegle Australia. It doesn't have huge users like main omegle website, but if you are looking for local people from Australia, then definitely a good place for you. Let us leave your views about the website.
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Top 5 Free Web Chat apps you should try

With growing precedence of the internet across the world and reaching mass amount of people, has led to creation of chat apps on the platforms that can be accessed by the companies to understand from where the traffic which comes to their sites.

These below listed chatting apps can be installed and linked to social media sites, blogs, online shopping sites, tourism site, company's website and much more. Having the option to chat with anonymous strangers from across the world can help in increasing revenue if it's a company and for us it can increase visibility on the net.
free web chat apps

By installing free chat apps on web a website owner can give an option to the site visitors to chat, it can either be with each other or with the owner.

1. Banckle

It's one of the most popular web chat app available on the internet, an asset to the not only to the corporates but also us. The website is very user friendly. Banckle gives an opportunity to track the traffic, which is flowing on their website.
banckle chat app

The app is compatible with windows, Linux, IOS software. It gives you an idea of how long people stay and browse your website, and which country the traffic is higher against the lowest. The key is to have an opportunity and start a private chat with your visitors and convert them into clients.

The translation software which is automatically installed along with the app allows you to converse in over 30 languages. Multiple chats option and customization options are also available.

 Link: http://banckle.com/apps/chat.html

2. Livechatinc

A very friendly live chat app, which can be accessed from any part of the world and the registration, takes very less time and for this app one can buy the membership for a year and later renew it.

livechatinc live chat app

The app also guarantees return of money in 30 days if at all you come across any issues. The app is quite compatible with windows, however latest versions of MySQL & PHP are mandatory. This app can be employed on blogs, shopping websites and corporate websites.

Link: http://www.livechatinc.com/product/livechat-web-app

3. Skysa

For all the writing enthusiast, this is an app designed for you.  The app is quite friendly with windows and the cost is very affordable to have Skysa installed on one website or more. With certain extra amount one can put their own advertisements on the websites.

skysa chatting app
It gives a person an option to have text chat, webcam chat, share lot of images and music on the platform and a great business opportunity to turn a visitor into a customer.

The app offers 2 chat rooms, free and premium ones. It's best to try them both and see for yourself which room is aligned to your needs. Skysa gives an option to speak to multiple users at the same time conveniently.

Link: http://www.skysa.com

4. Livehelp

Another free live chat app which is very safe, as it supports SSL. Their messenger is very user friendly and within minutes of installation one can interact with all the users present.

livehelp app

It helps companies to speak with their customers or potential customers and clarify their doubts while providing them with the best deal available.  The software is also secure from SQL injection. About the payment, there will be no fees if one installs it on his website using a single domain or multiple domain license.

 Link: http://livehelp.stardevelop.com

5. Purechat

This free web chat app is completely based to promote business; the customers browsing the site who have trouble in locating their choice of product or who are seeking information, purechat can help out big time.

pure chat app

The operator provides a platform for the buyer and seller resolve their queries without sharing phone numbers.

Link: https://www.purechat.com
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Top 5 free Online webcam chat sites

In world of social media, webcam chat sites are gaining popularity. Most people look for webcam websites where in they can chat people while looking at them. Best webcam websites are those that offer chatting experience, as if having a face-to-face meeting.

Listed down are 5 free webcam websites that have been rated best on the basis of user experience.

1. Chat Roulette

It is one of the most famous video chatting websites, offering a dual window chatting experience to the users. No registration and not even your name are required for starting a conversation.

chatroulette cam chat

Just open the website, read the Rules and Terms given on the page, check your webcam and click start to begin the conversation. You will get the list of users you can choose from. Anytime you want to leave the chat room, just click stop and you are done with it.

2. TinyChat

It is an online webcam community that brings people together so that they can talk as if meeting the person in real. One of the best place to enjoy a conference chat. You can add your friends, of bringing together anonymous people and start your discussions.

tinychat group webcam rooms

If you go to the website, you will see a lot of existing groups, with their description and number of people in those groups. You can join any existing group, have a cam2cam conversation and leave whenever you want. TinyChat application is also available so that you can enjoy your web cam chat anywhere anytime.

3. Chatville

Chatville is a Facebook application that is a popular alternative of Facebook Chat. It offers the safety of Facebook with the privileges of anonymous chatting. The Facebook users can connect with their friends and enjoy face to face chat experience.

Apart from this, Facebook users can  connect with other users too, with security and protection to block unwanted material. You can download this application with or without your Facebook app, and enjoy it on the go.

4. Camfrog

Camfrog is for people who like speed in life. You can begin a online webcam chat through camfrog rather quickly. Once you allow sites to access your webcam online, you get a temporary URL. You can use this URL and share it with people you want to chat with.

camfrog video chat

This way you can choose whom you want to talk to and block anti-social elements. It is a simple website offering free video chat, without asking for a download or adding any plugin.

5. Camamba

It is one of the top rated free video chatting websites of USA with hundreds of visitors daily. There are many webcam chat rooms available on a website which you can visit if you like. The website also lists most popular chat rooms are they are frequently visited by the users.

Users can enjoy the already available or make their new rooms and invite their friends. You can enjoy viewing 6 webcams at once and have conversations with as many people as you want. The specialty of the website is the comic mix that it provides to the video chat.

It has lots of animations and graphics as in cartoons, adding more fun to the whole experience. It is safe and secure, that is, if you do not like any annoying user, you can expel them. Before expelling, you will have to rate them. This rating will obviate the user from reaching you next time.

These websites are safe and most of them are available as applications. That means that these applications can be downloaded in your phone. The websites are also compatible with most smart phone browsers, so that they never stop user from enjoying the webcam chats.

These above online webcam chat sites have good traffic and secure environment so that users can relish without any tension or pestering elements. 
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Top 5 Free live video chat sites

On the off chance that you require a little face time with friends and family that live far away, arousing a live video chat has never been less demanding. Nowadays you don't even need to install an app or download heavy software.

Many services let you open a browser and inside seconds see your dear one's face, regardless of where they are on the world.  We're going to take a gander at five services that provide for you the best, quickest, and most bother good video chatting experience.
free live online video chat

Best Five Live Video Chat Sites:

1) AnyMeeting:

Anymeeting is more of a live conferencing service than it is a online video talk service, yet it fills the part pleasantly enough that some of you designated it. It's lightweight, and just requires a browser plug-in to work.

It's free (despite the fact that its ad-supported), and you'll get bothering here and there to upgrade to the $18/month Pro 25 account or the $78/month Expert 200 account, that both will remove the ads and pop ups and moreover it will knock up the amount of individuals you can have in a live meeting simultaneously to 25 and 200 (respectively), and the choice to record your meetings and web conferences for future.

While with Google video Hangouts you can go on YouTube in no time, you're still restricted to 10 different friends and 100 individuals in a gathering Hangout (in case you're broadcasting, more individuals can watch). With Any meeting, even free accounts can bring 200 individuals to the gathering (you just can't record your gathering).

anymeeting video chat
Screen sharing, free YouTube video sharing, presentation uploading, and a custom URL for your account and the greater part of your meetings are just some of the features the service offers. You can look at their plans here, and on the off chance that you ever need to host a webinar or extensive online gathering, Anymeeting can provide for you an approach to do so affordably.

2) Camfrog:

On the off chance that the other services are excessive for you and all you truly need is a hassle-free approach to online video chat with a friend or family member perhaps a technologically tested cherished one: Camfrog may be ideal for live video chat online. It is famous for its non mandatory signup, no plug-in installs options and easy to access.
camfrog live video chat

A single click video chats and the service has just shown signs of improvement. Sure, you can log in and make an account in the event that you need to, yet its true excellence is that you don't need to get individuals all using the same service or signed into Google or Facebook for it to work. Click a button, start a gathering, send everybody the connection through email or SMS, and when they click it they're dropped directly into it.

Talk organizers can affirm or kick individuals as they see fit, share audio, video, and notes with every other individual in the visit, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Everything you need is Flash for the service to work, and in the event that you already have that, you're set. It's not the most feature-packed or robust of the services in the gathering, yet its certainly one of the simple's.

3) Tiny Chat:

Tinychat is a part of live video chat administration and a part social network. There's a monstrous, flourishing group of individuals everywhere throughout the world utilizing Tinychat's chat rooms and free video broadcasting administrations.

Beginning a chat couldn't be simpler simply click the catch at the highest point of the page for an instant video chattting rooms, and you're off and away. Tinychat, in the same way as other of the others, doesn't oblige you download and introduce anything: it uses flash to get to your camera and mouthpiece.

tinychat online video chat

When you do begin a chat, you're incited to impart it on Facebook or your other social networks. In the event that you pick to sign up for a Tinychat account, you can include friends, join with other individuals, associate your social networks, and that's not all it has. Move up to Expert for $10/month or $85/year to strike out the ads, avail camera filters and effects, get higher quality live video chats, and get your shows (in the event that they're open) knock up in the worldwide catalogue.

Tinychat is an intense offer it might be a powerful tool and its a tremendous network, however it does a ton of bothering for you to impart and irritate your friends on Facebook, and paying little heed to their site policies, a considerable measure of the substance over yonder could be sketchy as well.

4) Facebook Video Chat:

Facebook Video Chat propelled in 2011 as a straightforward and simple approach to stay in contact with the friends you as of recently have on a social network you as of recently utilization. It excessively obliges a tiny browser plug-in to work, keeping in mind it doesn't offer the battery of tools that a percentage of alternate administrations come in, it does offer a gigantic inherent friends rundown that you don't need to re-add or welcome to an administration to video chat with you.

facebook video chat

Since it's controlled on the back end by Skype, Facebook didn't need to reinvent the wheel. Depending on who you ask, that is a great or an awful thing; however some of you unmistakably thought Facebook Video Chat offered smooth video, crisp audio, and obviously, get to the majority of your Facebook friends. In addition, being controlled by Skype implies that Skype desktop users can video chat with Facebook online users, impart their screens to them, and empower full HD calling in the event that you have a HD webcam appended to your machine.

5) Google Hangout:

Google Hangouts just about needn't bother with a depiction. When it was introduced in 2011, we adulated it as a standout amongst the most seamless, simple to utilize live chat service we'd ever seen. That is still genuine: If you have a Google account, you can utilize Hangouts, and while it was initially just a piece of Google+ (and remains an integral a piece of it), Hangouts is accessible as a stand-alone Android application and ios application and open from inside Gmail.

google video hangouts

You'll require a program plugin for Hangouts to work, yet that is it—no desktop installation, no customer you need to run at startup, and no extra records. Inviting other individuals to hang out is as simple as emailing them, and on the off chance that they have Google accounts too, it's considerably simpler.

Include onto that the way that Google Hangouts gives you a chance to impart your desktop, has built-in drawing, cooperation, and different tools and apps, backings screen sharing, and needs to be a bound together feature, photograph, and chat interface, and its your most loved online meeting administration, and you have a pretty powerhouse tool.

What you say about these awesome free online video chat sites?
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