Tohla - Online Chat With Strangers

Tohla is yet another chat site like many others prevailing on World Wide Web. It allows you to chat with random strangers for a simple reason - Time pass. If you have just enough time with you and you literally want to kill it, this is the place. And who knows you could end up finding the best friend forever for yourself.  Tohla provides you with some very good features.

One such feature is HOT or NOT. This feature allows you to vote for display pictures of people. If you find them good, vote 'HOT' and if you don't, vote 'NOT'.  Another interesting thing is "Draw and Share". Try using this feature with your new friends you just made there and you would have the fun of your lifetime.

tohla chat
To get started simply visit the site and you are on. No registration required. Your identity is also kept anonymous which means you can enter into a chat room with a completely different name each time. Tohla also provides you with video chat options but you must have the latest adobe flash player installed in your system.

All these chatting sites are more or less same but whatsoever, they are at least better than video sites. The video chatting and the scams which run on them make them unsafe. The worst part is that chat and video chat sites are all very addictive and is becoming a dwelling place for spammers.

Sadly, the people who actually love making friends with random people are getting extinct. So next time if you have enough time, try chatting with Tohla. If you get along with someone well then you can go for video chat as well. Just be cautious and this site could turn helping you get people there for you for your lifetime.