Tinychat Lets You Video Chat With Group of Girls & Guys

Tinychat is a video chat site which allows you to connect with random interesting people through free chat rooms available. What makes this site different is that way it is presented in front of you. The chat room's snapshots make you choose one for you to enter easily.

If you place your pointer on them, the snapshots appear one after the other and you get to know about the people therein. There is a small gist with each shot as in what does it contains and has for you.

Live Chat In Group

Another great thing about tinychat is that here instead of making the groups based on gender, this site has the groups based on your moods. If you are getting bored, there is an 'entertainment' tab for you to check out and enter a chat room accordingly.

Chat Rooms

 If your day was bad and you want a stress buster, you can checkout 'comedy' tab. If you are deprived of sleep and want to have some fun for yourself, you can check out 'late nights' tab. So enter any chat room according to your mood and have fun (of your choice) right away.

Making things predefined this way helps you get rid of some bad moments you come across on other online chat sites. The grouping and dividing people puts you in a perfect place where you want to be e.g. if you are in a mood to listen to some good music you would get that and not some obscene or ugly thing before you.

You can share videos and music with your fellow chat room members and make your experience over this site just prefect. Get started! tell us via comment how was your experience with tinychat.

Link : tinychat.com