Omegle Girls - 3 Tricks to Find Females on Omegle

Omegle is the best website to chat with strangers. It lets anyone do text or video chat with strangers living across the world. This website is visited by hundreds of thousands of people everyday. Most of visitors of Omegle are male. This is the reason why it is damn hard to find girls on Omegle.

If you are looking for the tricks to find Omegle girls, then you have landed on the right page. The next section will teach you about how to find girls on Omegle.

Method 1:

As you know, when you are on the chatting page, Omegle searches for available strangers and then sends one randomly to you. So when Omegle sends you a new stranger, the very first thing that you should do is to ask that stranger about his/her gender.

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The stranger will answer your question. If answer comes as girl/female, then carry on the conversation, otherwise, just click on 'Disconnect' button.

omegle girls Method 2: (Best Method)

One good thing about the Omegle is that it can search for strangers based on your interest. Omegle asks you your interests on its homepage, and when you tell about your interests, then it finds strangers who have the same interests as you.

Now here is the trick. As you know what type of interests do girls have - Yeah! Justin Bieber, Shopping, Flowers etc - So, just enter these in the interest field. Omegle will search for the strangers who have the same interest as you have provided.

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Since your provided interests are mostly of girls, so the strangers that Omegle will be bringing for you, are most likely to be girls.

Method 3: (Alternative to Method 2)

Well, this is not any new trick, but an alternative to upper method. If you don't want to do the hassle task of typing your interests,  then you can simply fetch it from Facebook. Yeah, Omegle has this option.

For this, you just need to tick the check box that reads Use my Facebook likes as interests. It will then ask your permission to get access to your Facebook account, and then will fetch your interests based on your liked pages.

Of course, since we want to find girls on Omegle, so make sure to like the pages that girls like the most. Yeah, the same- Justin Bieber, Flowers, Fashion etc.

Omegle will fetch your interests. Then either click on 'Text' or 'Video' button on Omegle homepage. Chances are high that strangers sent to you by Omegle will be girls. Pray for it! Otherwise go for sites like omegle or omegle alternatives.


  1. I can't make my mind... Is this just naive or outright stupid?

  2. Frankly, I love the idea that there's a legion of horny teenage boys that are adding "Justin Bieber", "Flowers" and "Shopping" to their facebook interests in the hope of finding girls on Omegle. It's deliciously cruel.

  3. I also like chicken

  4. stop wasting time n go to a goddamn strip club

  5. I stumbled across this site only after seeing a bunch of video listings on the edonkey2000 (ed2k) network. Mostly, these were illegal postings of minors doing lewd things (sexual acts) on this website. My question is: is it not illegal to knowingly propogate child porn? Do you know where your children surf? Logging into this site, could make you a criminal, depending on who is watching and/or listening. Hmmmm

    1. what websites good gravy... thats so gross

  6. Ok, seriously? 1 is no longer an option, as most girls on omegle leave if you ask, and you probably will get banned if you disconnect that many times anyway.
    2, not many girls use those interests, so by telling them, you are just pitting horny guys with other horny guys
    3, much of the same ^^.

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