Banned From Omegle: How to Remove Omegle Ban IP Problems

Omegle is the most popular website to chat with strangers online. I'm sure that you have used this website once or more, and are now addicted to it.

The folks behind Omegle work hard to deliver a smooth chatting experience to us. They continuously monitor the chatting of users so as to keep the spammers out of the site.

omegle banTo kick the spammers, Omegle bans the IP address. Although they are supposed to ban spammers only, but sometimes, good users also get banned. Sometime they ask to fill omegle captcha.

If you have got banned also, and are looking about how to remove ban from Omegle, then you are on the right site. Below are the tips in this aspect.
  • The most effective method is to remove the Omegle from your chatting sites visit history. To do so, head over to Adobe website. The names of visited chatting sites lie in the website storage panel. Just delete the name of Omegle from here and that's it.
  • Accessing Omegle by using any proxy can also solve the problem.
  • If you are using Internet with dynamic IP address, then the simplest way to remove ban from Omegle is to disconnect your Internet and then connect it again. You will get a different IP address by doing so, and hence will get the ban removed from Omegle.
  • You can give feedback to Omegle, and tell them that you are not a spammer. The Omegle feedback form lies on the homepage of Omegle itself.

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