Chatroulette Ban IP - How To Get Unbanned ?

Chatting online and making new friends is somewhat everyone loves to do, right? When we talk about the chatting sites, then we just can't forget to mention the Chatroulette. This best online chatting site has been up for many years.

While making friends on chatroulette is fun to do, the irritation comes when the guys behind this site put ban on us. Have this ever happened with you? Oh! So you are currently banned from Chatroulette? Irritated? Looking for the way to remove the chatroulette ban?

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If that's so, then you are on the right page. Below are the best possible ways to remove ban from Chatroulette.

1. The best method is to delete the Chatroulette from the history of visited flash based websites. To do so, just head over to the official website of Adobe.

chatroulette ban

2. Check out the list of visited websites by heading over to the Storage Panel. From the list of visited sites that comes up, just delete the

3. The another way is to log on to adult mode.

4. The best way that I use to remove ban from Chatroulette is - change the IP address. You can Google to know the ways about how to change your IP address. Changing IP address will remove ban from you, as it is the IP address what is banned by Chatroulette.

5. If none works, or you are too much irritated from the ban, then I would advice you to stop using this site. There are many Chatroulette alternatives that can help you make new friends online.

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