How to Stop Captcha on Omegle - Bypass Captcha Problems Fixed

Omegle is the website that does not need any introduction, right? This chatting website is favorite of many, and has helped millions of people to make new friends online.

It's still doing so, and you might be using it to connect with new people worldwide, are you? While using Omegle, have you ever got asked to fill Captcha? Yeah, the security code meant to check if you are a human or a robot?

If you have ever got asked that, then I am sure that this is what you don't like in the Omegle. If you are wondering what the captcha on Omegle is meant for, then let me tell you that Captcha is the best and most popular way to check if the user accessing the site/service, is actually a human being, or is just a robot meant for spam purposes.

omegle captcha
Since Omegle wants to deliver the best online chatting experience, therefore it's very strict against the spam. If your IP address has got marked as spam by Omegle, and you are being welcomed by captha entering again and again, then you must be very irritated from the Omegle.

If you are Banned check out post on How to Remove Omegle Ban.

Wondering about how to stop or bypass Captcha on Omegle? Read out below points to fix omegle captcha problems.
  • The best way is to tell Omegle that you're not a spammer. You can do so by using the 'Feedback' feature that you can find on the homepage of Omegle. Be as polite as possible in the feedback so as to get your problem solved.
  • Access the Omegle from a new IP address. Yeah, change your IP address. There are numerous methods to do that. Just Google to know about how to do it.
  • This is not a solution, but an advice. Omegle is strict for you? Then leave it! There are many online chatting sites. Join them right away!

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