Chatango - Create Free Live Chatting Rooms

Chatango is real time online Instant Messaging (IM) tool. Unlike most popular chat client available, Chatango offers users a chance to create free accounts on both private and public chat rooms and embed them on their websites. For small businesses with websites, is an effective support tool. Customers visiting a website can ask their questions via a Chatango chat room set up by the company.


Chatango also offers online networking. Users are able to look up for new friends by their gender, age and location and fire up a conversation in an instant. Joining the website is clear-cut and very easy to navigate through.

It is also highly portable. Included on its site are group chat rooms including applications such as the Private Chatango MINI box allowing users to post comments on popular Chat networks like Facebook. In addition, Chatango gives users ability to insert the group chat app into social networking sites such as Friendster, My Space, Facebook and lots of others automatically.
chatango create free chat rooms

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Bloggers can also manually insert a chat room by copy-pasting the URL code into their website. In group chats rooms and the MINI chat box users are allowed to change color, font and the size. Users can also block contacts and words they find offensive from engaging in a conversation.


Comparing with all other IM chat clients and webcam chat software, it is not the most powerful yet, but it clearly stands out with its real time messaging. Large social networking sites facilitate a easier detailed searches for friends with common interest. However, embedding a MINI chat box or a Chatango group chat into a personal website get people socializing and conversing without taking much time as with posts and emails.

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Chatango is probably one on of the simplest and lightest application around. Requiring just minimum system resources, it proves to be quite efficient. In addition its easy installation is exceptional considering it will keep you in the loop with real time conversations. This service is developed by Jay Jagad.