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PalTalk is an online chat client popularly identified by its video chat app. PalTalk offers practically every thing that a normal video chat app should offer such as chat rooms and video calls for groups including video calls on mobile. Started in New York in 1998, PalTalk has been operating for awhile now.

Paltalk's IM chat client allows users into chat rooms to talk with other online users. With PalTalk users are able to create and keep a list of contacts of your friends in PalTalk as well as Yahoo, AOL and ICQ. Also included is an assortment of self expression emoticons and text effects.

Users can also share files online and if they so wish create own chat rooms. PalTalk also packs a 10-way both video and voice online chatting capability. This feature involves ten individuals conversing at a time or as a group. However, if more people want to join a free chat room can be created that can hold a maximum of 200.
paltalk video chat rooms

Users can search a specific chat room either by topic or keyword. There is also a provision for switching on or off all adult content. Furthermore, via SuperIM, PalTalk generates some kind of URL link for users based on their nicknames.

By so doing, users get to send this link to friends and they are able to instantly chat among themselves using the web browser. With user interface, one can easily add an avatar or image by drag and drop.

PalTalk is not any less different than other IM chat clients; however it needs minimum system requirements such as low memory size. Unlike other similar applications Paltalk rarely crashes. Paltalk's user interface can be customized to any user's likeness.

For example, webcam setup, privacy options, parental controls, audio set up, slider notifications, sound tuning, alerts and sounds, managing accounts including testing the strength an internet connection are among the many features and functionalities the PalTalk  user interface provides.

In addition, with PalTalk, a service very few IM clients would claim to have; users are able to access other IM clients through Paltalk once they install them. These include Yahoo messenger, AIM, Facebook, GTalk and MSN. Users are able to take snapshots and share their recoded video messages.


PalTalk has quite a huge following, claiming to have them the biggest video chat community globally. This is highly contributed by the company's capability to accommodate hundreds of thousands of PalTalk messenger users all at once.

This includes chat rooms with just a single room having thousands of them. Last known figures reveal PalTalk hosts over 4000 chat rooms to date. It is developed by AVM Software.

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