Top 5 Free Web Chat apps you should try

With growing precedence of the internet across the world and reaching mass amount of people, has led to creation of chat apps on the platforms that can be accessed by the companies to understand from where the traffic which comes to their sites.

These below listed chatting apps can be installed and linked to social media sites, blogs, online shopping sites, tourism site, company's website and much more. Having the option to chat with anonymous strangers from across the world can help in increasing revenue if it's a company and for us it can increase visibility on the net.
free web chat apps

By installing free chat apps on web a website owner can give an option to the site visitors to chat, it can either be with each other or with the owner.

1. Banckle

It's one of the most popular web chat app available on the internet, an asset to the not only to the corporates but also us. The website is very user friendly. Banckle gives an opportunity to track the traffic, which is flowing on their website.
banckle chat app

The app is compatible with windows, Linux, IOS software. It gives you an idea of how long people stay and browse your website, and which country the traffic is higher against the lowest. The key is to have an opportunity and start a private chat with your visitors and convert them into clients.

The translation software which is automatically installed along with the app allows you to converse in over 30 languages. Multiple chats option and customization options are also available.


2. Livechatinc

A very friendly live chat app, which can be accessed from any part of the world and the registration, takes very less time and for this app one can buy the membership for a year and later renew it.

livechatinc live chat app

The app also guarantees return of money in 30 days if at all you come across any issues. The app is quite compatible with windows, however latest versions of MySQL & PHP are mandatory. This app can be employed on blogs, shopping websites and corporate websites.


3. Skysa

For all the writing enthusiast, this is an app designed for you.  The app is quite friendly with windows and the cost is very affordable to have Skysa installed on one website or more. With certain extra amount one can put their own advertisements on the websites.

skysa chatting app
It gives a person an option to have text chat, webcam chat, share lot of images and music on the platform and a great business opportunity to turn a visitor into a customer.

The app offers 2 chat rooms, free and premium ones. It's best to try them both and see for yourself which room is aligned to your needs. Skysa gives an option to speak to multiple users at the same time conveniently.


4. Livehelp

Another free live chat app which is very safe, as it supports SSL. Their messenger is very user friendly and within minutes of installation one can interact with all the users present.

livehelp app

It helps companies to speak with their customers or potential customers and clarify their doubts while providing them with the best deal available.  The software is also secure from SQL injection. About the payment, there will be no fees if one installs it on his website using a single domain or multiple domain license.


5. Purechat

This free web chat app is completely based to promote business; the customers browsing the site who have trouble in locating their choice of product or who are seeking information, purechat can help out big time.

pure chat app

The operator provides a platform for the buyer and seller resolve their queries without sharing phone numbers.