How to Use College Student Chat on Omegle without edu Email

College Student Chat (Dorm Chat) is one of the most crucial sections of Omegle. The platform is excellent to talk with University and college girls and boys over the globe. However, to enjoy with someone you must have college mail id ending in .edu or .ed
u.XX or .ac.XX to verify you are in college or university. Without having education mail you can have the access for it as well!

Going through some of the really easy steps you can initiate chat process with many college or University level girls and guys. The best part about the process is that you really don't need to spend any single amount for the purpose.

College Student Chat on Omegle without edu Email
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It works pretty much in a similar fashion like other services of the site. In addition, there is option available for going with chats through videos or texts.

Steps for having College student Chat without the Edu Mail
  • As we have mentioned above it is not necessarily required to be a student, or to pay any amount. Just take the help of Google search for the purpose.
  • Have a search in Google for BCC Student Email Account Registration.
  • Pick the address that you find at the top of the line-up in Google search and click on it.
  • Have a click over the Register link option.
  • Provide username, password, and finally put the exact Spam preventive code.
  • It offers you with an Edu mail.
  • There is no additional hectic process of account sms verification or mail verification.
Additional Method: Apart from the above method, California Colleges are also providing similar mails for you. You can have an account from here as well. Go through the steps to make it happen.

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  • Go for a search in Google for California colleges.
  • Click the option that appears first.
  • Click the create account option.
  • After choosing the one that matches your choice click the 'Find' option and pick any one option.
  • Now click the 'Next' option, and provide required detail.
  • Find the check box that asks confirmation from you about not having your own mail. Just agree with the terms for making your account.
Hence, you are all set to enter the site with new mail. Start through the main page of Omegle by providing the new mail address to Dorm college Chat, and have a blast with the college girls from the site.

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